Sustainable Products

Sustainable products are products that have little or no environmental impact during their entire life cycle, from the extraction of the raw materials to final disposal. That includes products made from fast-growing plant fibers such as bamboo, hemp, or algae, which are fully compostable or biodegradable at the end of their life without releasing harmful substances into the environment. Products made of recycled materials are also eco-friendly, as they avoid the polluting and energy intensive production process. Stainless steel and glass, for example, can be used again and again, last a lifetime if well cared for, and are 100% recyclable in the end. 

But beware: not everything that glitters is gold. In recent years, sustainability has become a buzz word and more and more companies claim to produce sustainable, eco-friendly, "green" products, although this is not the case. A good example for this kind of greenwashing is the bamboo cup.

In the following I present tried 'n true sustainable products I have tested and my honest opinion about them. 

Sustainable Products - Stainless Steel Cups. Photo: Seas & Straws
Sustainable Products - Coffee Cups Made From Coffee. Photo: Seas & Straws
Sustainable product or greenwashing - Bamboo cups. Photo: Seas & Straws
Sustainable Products - Reusable Straws. Photo: Seas & Straws

This section will expand over time, but if there is an interesting product that you like, but don't know if it is really sustainable and can withstand everyday use, let me know and I will thoroughly test it for you. 

Want to work with me?

At Seas & Straws, I have made it my life's work to inform my readers about the health and environmental consequences of disposable plastic and to help them replace it with eco-friendly, sustainable products. I am deeply passionate about animals and I do everything in my power to help keep plastic away from the oceans so that no more animals have to die in agony.

I am happy to cooperate with companies and brands that have developed a truly eco-friendly, sustainable product as well as hotels that have made it their mission to eliminate disposable plastic in their daily operations as far as possible.

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