Plastic-free through the year - the weekly planner

- In 52 Weeks To A Life Without single-use Plastic -

Going plastic-free sounds impossible at first glance. And indeed, it seems a Herculean task if you don't know where to start or have little money and time to spare. Not only is plastic everywhere, but there are now too many supposedly eco-friendly alternatives on the market that promise to be "green" but are far from it. How are you supposed to figure it out? And there are so many other questions:

  • Where should I start?
  • How much money will it cost me? What if I don't have much money available each month?
  • I have a job, a husband and kids. I am very busy. How can I break out of a convenience-oriented lifestyle with little time and effort?

Don't worry!

I've done all the hard research for you and put together everything you need to know in this Weekly Planner - Plastic-Free Through The Year.

Week by week, you'll get one specific task that you can implement immediately without spending a lot of money or effort. Step by step you will find your way to a life without plastic.

Plastic-free through the year - Cover

In this planner you will learn

  • How to break away from the convenience of single-use plastics in our daily lives
  • How to live a live a more eco-conscious, healthy and decluttered lifestyle
  • How to make your whole house plastic-free, room by room, WITHOUT breaking the bank
  • How to implement simple changes weekly, even if you don't have much time

But that's not all!

You will also learn how to make your own household and cosmetic products with just a few natural and biodegradable ingredients and without much time and effort.

I make and use all the DIY products myself, and I love them. I haven't bought their conventional plastic-packaged counterparts for years and have saved hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars. Besides that, it's  empowering to know that you can make so many products yourself with so few ingredients, even if you don't have a lot of time.

Because I get it: you're a busy woman, maybe a mom, a wife. Your day is packed.

But guess what: if you do these suggested tasks every week, it will take you an hour at most - and you'll have a whole week to do it. Sometimes it requires no extra time at all. Sometimes it's just a small investment that you can incorporate into your next shopping trip.

Even the DIY recipes you'll find in this planner are all super easy to make and never take more than 30 minutes. For example, my toothpaste is so simple that it only takes 1 minute to put together. The same goes for my coffee scrub and deodorant. Making all the products in this planner in one day takes no more than an hour.

I, for instance, set aside an hour each month to make all of my products in one go. Many of the ingredients I have at home anyway, and I guarantee they are 100% effective and contain no toxic chemicals that will harm your body or the environment.

Here's what you'll get:

Each month is structured as follows:

  • In the first week, I'll arm you with useful facts about plastic and plastic pollution.
  • In the second week, you'll get ideas for things you can replace right away, without spending a lot of money.
  • In week 3, you'll learn how to make your own household or bathroom products in minutes with just a few natural ingredients.
  • And in the last week, I'll suggest a one-time investment that may be a little more expensive at first, but can be used for years and save you a lot of money in the long run.

Oh, and on top of it all, it's also a planner with enough space for your weekly tasks, priorities and notes.

I designed the planner in 3 alternating colors, with each month in a different color - blue for water, green earth and orange for air - to help you find your way around it.

Plastic-free through the year - Page1
Plastic-free through the year - Page2
Plastic-free through the year - Page3

By the end of the year, you will be able to go through life more mindful and eco-conscious.

  1. You will know where to shop, what materials are healthy and which investments are worthwhile.
  2. You will live a happier, healthier and more nature-based life. You will have replaced artificial, petroleum-based products full of dangerous chemicals with safe, inert, natural materials.
  3. You will even have gained the knowledge to educate your friends and family about the dangers of plastic products and plastic pollution, and convince them of your path to environmentally conscious living. You will spark conversations and become an eco-warrior. You will become a leader who inspires others.

Plastic-Free Through The Year will accompany you on Your journey for a whole year

It can be downloaded immediately as a PDF. You can either print it out week by week and pin it to your fridge, or print it in its entirety and bind it like a book (as shown in the photos below). That way, you can take it with you wherever you go. 

Plastic-free through the year - Cover1
Plastic-free through the year - Cover2
Plastic-free through the year - Cover3

If you prefer working on a screen, just keep it on your computer or tablet. 

Plastic-free through the year - Inside1
Plastic-free through the year - Inside2
Plastic-free through the year - Inside15

The planner is not dated, so you can start at any time. However, some weeks are themed (such as Valentine's Day, Halloween, or Christmas). If the theme doesn't match the month you're in, just switch out the sheets.

This weekly planner will help you live a healthier, more sustainable life without disposable plastic.

get this planner today and Invest in a healthy, sustainable and eco-minded future without plastic!

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