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Plastic-Free Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving can get pretty hectic with all the planning and organizing, and often enough it's also very wasteful. Use these tips to plan a fantastic plastic-free Thanksgiving.

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What Does Zero Waste Mean

What Does Zero Waste Mean? Unlike activities like recycling, zero waste goes beyond what happens after the life of an object to what happens even before it is created.

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Plastic-Free Food Storage

Food storage helps you save time with meal preps, keep food fresh and reduce food wastage.Here are the best plastic-free food storage options.

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circular economy in practice

In this post, we're going to look at how you can put the circular economy in practice in your life.

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Go Green For Halloween

Spooky season is here! That means fun, creepy costumes, decorated houses ... and a lot of environmental waste. Go green for Halloween with these valuable tips!

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All you need to know about BPA in plastic

BPA is a very common chemical in plastic which is linked to along list of health and environmental problems. Here's all you need to know about BPA in plastic.

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Environmental Consulting Services

With my Environmental Consulting Services, I am working with hotels, resorts and offices in North, Central and South America, the Caribbean and Europe to reduce single-use plastic, improve the sustainability of their operations and protect our blue planet.

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Make Your Office Plastic-Free

Here are some great tips you, your team, or your company can implement right away to make your office plastic-free.

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Looking For The Perfect Gifts For Ocean Lovers?

Welcome to Seas & Straws' shop. Here you will find the perfect gifts for ocean lovers and eco warriors.

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7 Plastic-Free Stores Near Me

Looking to become zero waste but not sure where to start? These 7 plastic-free stores across the UK and the US have everything you need to get started.

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How To Be Zero-Waste - On A Budget

Do you want to know how to be zero-waste without having to replace all your household items with eco-friendly ones? You can get started simply by saving money instead of spending it.

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The Best Zero-Waste Skincare Brands Of 2022

I love choosing products that make my skin feel good - and that also make me feel good about the impact I'm leaving behind. These are the best zero-waste skincare brands of 2022.

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Microplastics In Food

How do microplastics in food affect us? What are the consequences to our health? Can we avoid eating microplastics?

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What Is The Circular Economy

Imagine a world where “trash” as we know it, doesn’t exist. This article explains what the circular economy is.

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How To Prevent Water Pollution - 5 Simple Tips

The pollution of our oceans and rivers with plastic and other chemicals is one of the biggest environmental problems of our times. If you do not know how to prevent water pollution, here are 5 simple tips.

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Fancy A Zero Waste Bathroom? Here's Your Ultimate List

If you always wanted a zero waste bathroom but never knew where to start, then here's your ultimate list of plastic-free and zero waste swaps.

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Bottled Water vs Tap Water

Bottled Water vs Tap Water, what's the better alternative? To decide which one you should go for, there are 3 major things to look at - price, health, and environment.

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The Best Plastic Free Cleaning Products Of 2022

Switching to plastic-free cleaning products is a giant step to living a plastic-free life and reducing your eco-footprint. Here are my top picks.

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The inhumane whale and dolphin hunt is still going on...

Why is the inhumane whale and dolphin hunt still going on despite the public outcry? What are the consequences to the marine ecosystem? And what can you do to stop it? Find out here.

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The Eco-Friendly Student Lifestyle

Becoming an eco-friendly student doesn’t always come cheap. Here are some very simple and low-budget ways to boost your efforts toward living a zero-waste lifestyle.

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