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Are you looking for a way to make a positive impact on the world? Then join the movement to save wildlife with these beautiful Fahlo bracelets! The Fahlo bracelets are more than just stylish accessories. They are a symbol of your commitment to wildlife conservation and a way to track real animals in the wild.

With these bracelets you can help rescue wildlife, and see how well they thrive in the wild after release - all with a tap on your phone. That’s what Fahlo has been empowering people across the world to do and I’m beyond excited to introduce them to the Seas and Straws community!

In this post, I will introduce you to Fahlo bracelets, their mission, and how they work. I will also cover why you should choose Fahlo bracelets over other merchandise, including sustainability and ethics of the company.

What Are Fahlo Bracelets?

Supporting wildlife conservation efforts can be done in various ways, and Fahlo Bracelets offer a unique and stylish approach to this cause. Designed with different endangered animals, including sea turtles, elephants, and polar bears, each bracelet supports specific conservation organizations and is made from sustainable materials. By wearing a Fahlo bracelet, you can not only add a fashionable touch to your outfit but also contribute to the conservation of wildlife AND make a statement that you care about protecting our planet's biodiversity. Moreover, by choosing Fahlo Bracelets as your preferred method of support, you are making an environmentally friendly choice that promotes sustainability and ethical practices, since a portion of the proceeds from each sale funds various conservation organizations. So why not join the movement and show your support for wildlife conservation today with a Fahlo Bracelet?

Each Fahlo bracelet supports a specific wildlive conservation organizationEach Fahlo bracelet supports a specific wildlive conservation organization

The Mission of Fahlo Bracelets

Fahlo Bracelets are more than just an accessory. Through their bracelets and interactive tracking experience, their aim is to educate everyone about wildlife and help encourage individuals to care about (and boost) conservation. Each purchase you make directly contributes to various organizations that work towards protecting endangered species and their habitats. Each purchase helps fight against poaching, and other issues that exacerbate the existence of these species. Not only that, you can also stay up to date on how your wildlife is faring in the wild.  

The Fahlo Bracelets encourage people to join a collective movement towards protecting wildlife for future generations.

The Impact of Fahlo Bracelets on Wildlife Conservation

The impact of Fahlo Bracelets on wildlife conservation is significant. By purchasing a bracelet, you are not only donating to conservation organizations but are also raising awareness about the importance of protecting endangered species and their habitats. Your contribution helps fund critical research and conservation efforts that are vital to preserving biodiversity. The bracelets serve as a reminder to be mindful of our actions' impact on wildlife and the environment. 

The Fahlo bracelets come in a variety of stones and colorsThe Fahlo bracelets come in a variety of stones and colors

Sustainability and Ethics of the Company

The company has a deep commitment to sustainability and ethical manufacturing practices. All their bracelets are made with eco-friendly materials, including recycled glass beads and sustainable cotton cords. Fahlo also ensures that their workers receive fair wages and work in safe conditions. By purchasing a Fahlo bracelet, you're making a positive impact on the environment and supporting ethical business practices. It's not just about wearing a bracelet; it's about being part of a movement towards a more sustainable and responsible future.

How Do Fahlo bracelets work?

There are currently 7 wildlife species Fahlo enables you to track - each species has its own beautiful custom bracelet. Once you buy a unique bracelet for the animal you want to track, you’re also given a card with details on the animal you just saved. You’re introduced to your wildlife (almost like a pet) with its name, age and backstory. The card also has a QR code on it which once scanned, takes you into Fahlo’s tracking app where you can see exactly where your friend is and where it has been since it was released.

I'm tracking my hammerhead shark Babu ...I'm tracking my hammerhead shark Babu ...
... and my sea turtle Seaweed. :-)... and my sea turtle Seaweed. :-)

What animals can you track and save?

  • Sea turtles through Fahlo’s partnership with the Sea Turtle Conservancy
  • Elephants through their partnership with the Save the Elephants
  • Polar bears through Fahlo’s partnership with the Polar Bears International
  • A shark’s voyage through their partnership with the Saving the Blue
  • Penguins through their partnership with the Global Penguin Society
  • Lions through the partnership with Ewaso Lions
  • Giraffes via the partnership with Somali Giraffe Project

Ready to become a wildlife advocate?

Are you ready to support Fahlo's mission and become a wildlife advocate? Or do you know somebody who would love to contribute to an important mission? These products make great gifts for travel lovers or anyone looking for adventure in their life. 

If you would like a Fahlo bracelet, then I have a special gift for you:

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Just enter the code SEASANDSTRAWS20 when you make your purchase at Fahlo. The discount will be deducted at checkout.

I received 3 bracelets from Fahlo (2 shark bracelets - I love sharks, and 1 sea turtle bracelet) in different colors.I received 3 bracelets from Fahlo (2 shark bracelets - I love sharks, and 1 sea turtle bracelet) in different colors.

To learn more about the bracelets and how the tracking system works, check their website. Have fun with these bracelets!!

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