Setting up a recycling structure in Bocas del Toro

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I have started a partnership with One Earth - One Ocean (oeoo), a renowned German NGO dedicated to fighting ocean plastic pollution worldwide. Together, we're initiating positive change right here in Bocas del Toro, Panama. The island archipelago consists of numerous mangrove islands, where ocean plastic accumulates with no one addressing the issue.

Teaming up with local plastic processing company Bocas Recycle Center, our mission is to establish a comprehensive recycling structure, introducing oeoo's expertise in plastic recovery and recycling to our shores.

My first step is to coordinate the setup of their new operation that starts with marine debris removal, addressing the root of the problem and building a sustainable, trash-free future for Bocas del Toro and the broader Caribbean.

BOcas del Toro

In Bocas del Toro, the challenge of plastic pollution is starkly evident, with the pristine beauty of the island archipelago marred by the pervasive presence of plastic waste. The mangrove islands, which should stand as sanctuaries of biodiversity, bear witness to the alarming accumulation of plastic debris. The lack of a comprehensive waste management system exacerbates the issue, pushing residents to unsustainable practices like illegal dumping and burning. This not only degrades the local environment but also poses severe threats to marine life and ecosystems.

The partnership between Seas & Straws, oeoo, and Bocas Recycle Center aims to not only address the immediate problem through recycling initiatives but also to instigate a shift towards sustainable practices, creating a model for responsible waste management that can be replicated across the region.

Bocas del Toro Plastic Pollution

The Bocas Recycle Center

In Bocas del Toro, the Bocas Recycle Center plays a vital role in processing waste, particularly handling materials from tourists and hotels. However, facing challenges such as limited municipal recycling pickup and affordability issues for residents, the Recycle Center processes less than 5% of the total waste on the islands. They've responded to new mandates by launching a subscription service for businesses and exploring a potential deposit system with the local government. The center collects plastics, cardboard, Tetra Pak cartons, aluminum cans, and glass bottles. Materials are responsibly processed, with plastics compacted and sent off the island for recycling, glass crushed for concrete usage, and aluminum cans sold to metal recovery buyers. Collaboration with oeoo holds the promise of expanding recycling efforts, handling more volume, including ocean plastics, and further contributing to the community's well-being.

The Bocas Recycle Center looks forward to a fruitful collaboration, aligning with oeoo's dedication and the municipality's commitment to progress.

Bocas recycle Center 3
Bocas recycle Center 2
Bocas recycle Center

One Earth - One Ocean

One Earth - One Ocean, a non-profit environmental organization headquartered in Munich with offices in Kiel, Battambang/Cambodia, Manila/Philippines, and Rio/Brazil, has been dedicated to the global elimination of plastic waste from the world's waters since 2011. With a comprehensive "Maritime Waste Disposal" concept, oeoo not only processes land-based plastic waste but also collects plastic from global waters using specialized waste collection ships. These include innovative vessels like SeeHamster and SeeKuh, designed for plastic waste removal. Projects are actively underway in Cambodia, Brazil, Indonesia, the Philippines, Uganda, and Egypt, with a groundbreaking initiative, the SeeElefant, set to launch in 2026. This converted multi-purpose freighter will pioneer waste recycling at sea, featuring sorting, shredding, processing, and pressing systems on board. Oeoo is committed to research on microplastics, along with extensive educational and awareness campaigns on marine litter. It's impactful work has earned recognition, including the prestigious GreenTec Award in 2013 and the Federal Ecodesign Award in 2019.

Oeoo SeeElefant
Oeoo Günther Bonin

For a sustainable BOCAS DEL TORO

In collaboration with One Earth - One Ocean and the Bocas Recycle Center, Seas & Straws is proud to spearhead the transformative initiative in Bocas del Toro, Panama. As the dedicated Project Manager, I am committed to overseeing the establishment of a comprehensive recycling structure, leveraging oeoo's expertise in plastic recovery and recycling. This partnership marks a significant stride towards a sustainable, trash-free future for Bocas del Toro, addressing the pressing issue of plastic pollution in our oceans.

Together, we aspire to set a precedent for responsible waste management in the Caribbean, emphasizing the importance of collective action for a cleaner, healthier planet. Stay tuned for updates as we continue our journey toward a more sustainable and environmentally conscious community.

Seas & Straws collaborates with One Earth - One Ocean and The Bocas Recycle Center

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