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Since you found this site, chances are you are concerned with the amount of plastic in your daily life and its effects on you and/or the environment.

Perhaps you've read somewhere that the various plastic products you use every day are not as safe for your health as you thought. Or you're a traveller like me and were shocked to see the amount of plastic in the ocean and at beaches that were once beautiful and pristine. 

Plastic at a Beach - Seas & StrawsPlastic at a Beach - Seas & Straws

Whatever it was, you are right to be alarmed.

Plastic is everywhere and it is dangerous. To us, to the environment, to every animal along the food chain. In the last few decades, plastic pollution has grown exponentially to a point where the earth can take no more. It has polluted every part of the planet, from the highest mountains to the deepest sea, from the busiest tourist beaches to the most remote, uninhabited islands. It's in our bodies, too.

We are in a true crisis. 

On this site you'll find answers to questions like:

Whether you want to reduce single-use plastics in your everyday life or you’re looking for an eco-friendly, plastic-free holiday destination, we are here to help you make the conscious choice.

So, what would you like to do first?

For a start, you can help save lives and clean up our future by making a few simple changes.

  • Boycott single-use food containers and items wrapped in disposable packaging.
  • Request a plastic-free aisle at your favorite grocery store.
  • Stop buying bottled water. Choose reusable water bottles made from glass or metal.
  • Use your own shopping bags made from cotton, wool, or other renewable resources.
  • Choose cardboard and paper products. These items biodegrade naturally and are easier to recycle in most areas.
  • Skip the straw or purchase reusable straws made of metal, bamboo, or glass.
  • Try bulk shopping to eliminate single-use plastic food wraps and containers. 

I know, it's hard (if not impossible) to completely ban plastic from your life, but that's not necessary. It's not your TV or your couch that ends up in the ocean, it's the single-use, disposable bottle or coffee cup, the throwaway cutlery or the cocktail straw. You can start to substitute those with eco-friendly alternatives, one item at a time. It's what I do (and I'm still in the process of doing it). It's easy, it's fun and it starts great conversations. Try it. 

Because one thing is for sure: if we do nothing, pictures like the ones on this page will keep showing up. Seals will keep choking, turtles will keep being strangulated and birds will keep starving with a stomach full of plastic. 

We may never be able to fully remove all the plastic from the oceans or landfills, but we can do our part to clean up our world.

Seas & Straws - Brave New Plastic WorldSeas & Straws - Brave New Plastic World

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