Advocating for a Plastic-Free World:
Introducing the Face Behind Seas & Straws

Hey there, fellow eco warrior!

I am Jana - dedicated consultant, uncompromising animal lover, passionate ocean lover, tireless eco-warrior, serial traveler.

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I'm Jana, the driving force behind Seas & Straws. I have been a globetrotter throughout my life and worked for several global market leaders in various European countries. This includes roles in France for the French government, in Ireland for a global logistics company, and in Brussels and Vienna for two of the largest orange juice producers in the world.

With eight years of experience in sales, I eventually returned to Germany and joined the central purchasing department at the headquarters of one of the country's leading fruit juice manufacturers.

All my life, I have had a deep love for the world’s beauty and all life within it. Consequently, travel has been at the core of my being. I have seen almost every European country, longer trips took me to Africa, Central America, the US, Indonesia, the Caribbean, the Maldives, and many more. At the moment I divide my time between Panama, Germany and my extensive travels.


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Having traveled to more than 30 countries, I became increasingly aware of the plastic problem. After extensive research, I started to understand the health and ecological consequences of plastic pollution, and I realized that we are heading towards one of the most significant environmental disasters of our time.

So, in 2018, while volunteering with a marine conservation organization in Mauritius, I founded Seas & Straws. Initially conceived as a blog, my aim was to inform my readers about the serious issues of plastic pollution, its impact on the oceans and the associated health and environmental risks. By raising awareness about the environmental and health impacts of plastic, and by promoting a plastic-free, zero waste lifestyle, I hope to change our thinking and understanding of today's throwaway society.

Seas & Straws now serves as an educational hub with more than 160 pages full of knowledge and information about plastic, zero waste alternatives, sustainable hotels and travels, and even an eco-friendly online store. Just use the search bar on the top right to find what you are looking for.

Transforming Hospitality: Leading Hotels Into a Sustainable (and profitable) Future

In 2022, I trained with Oceanic Global to become an independent and accredited plastic-free consultant. As such, I advise small hotels, boutique hotels and guesthouses worldwide on how to reduce their environmental footprint, improve the sustainability of their operations and make a measurable impact to protect our blue planet. I do this either via zoom as a 1-on-1 training or in person at the premises as an all-inclusive, done-for-you service. You can read more about my service here

TRANSFORMING HOMES: GUIDING Individuals and FAMILIES TO A healthier, plastic-free lifestyle

I assist individuals in their journey to a healthier, more eco-conscious life, free from the toxic chemicals of plastic. Whether you're motivated to protect the environment, safeguard your well-being, or provide a healthy, plastic-free oasis for your children, I'm here to help. Through tailored one-on-one virtual coaching sessions, we'll work together to eliminate plastic from your daily life and ensure a more sustainable future. Find out more about my plastic-free coaching service here.

TRANSFORMING communities: retrieving ocean plastic and establishing recycling structures

I also collaborate with the German NGO One Earth - One Ocean (oeoo) that retrieves plastic waste from the seas and rivers in Asia and Africa for recycling. They have long wanted to expand into the Caribbean, and since I live in Bocas del Toro, an island on the Caribbean side of Panama, I am able to coordinate the setup of their new operation. The island archipelago consists of nine main islands and numerous uninhabited mangrove islands, where ocean plastic accumulates with no one addressing the issue. The main island itself has only a rudimentary recycling structure, with less than 5% of plastic waste being collected, mainly from American hotels. The local population cannot afford waste collection. Teaming up with local plastic processing company Bocas Recycle Center, our mission is to establish a comprehensive recycling structure, focusing (for the moment) on marine litter.

Another, similar project in Mexico is in the planning stages.

Collaborations: Joining Forces to Amplify Impact

Apart from helping hotels to become sustainable, I have also formed a couple of exciting partnerships.

One of them is the Rotary Club of Newport Beach, with which I am working on a number of very exciting projects (more on that soon). Rotary gives me a wonderful opportunity to increase my reach and pursue my mission on a much larger scale.

Then I became a brand ambassador for Fahlo, whose beautiful natural stone bracelets help spread awareness about turtles, sharks, polar bears, penguins, elephants or lions. Each bracelet comes with a personalized animal to track on your phone, tablet, or computer. If you buy a bracelet with my coupon code SEASANDSTRAWS20, you will get 20% off!!

And last but not least, I started integrating Jungle Culture's beautiful natural coconut and bamboo products into my ever-expanding online store. Jungle Culture works with farmers and artisans in rural Vietnam who make organic coconut bowls, bamboo cutlery, safety razors, shaving soaps, wooden mugs and more. All products are made from sustainable materials and innovatively crafted. I love them!

Let's work together!

If you need help making your business fit for a sustainable future, call us or send us a message.

We offer expertise to make your operations plastic-free and environmentally responsible. Individuals can benefit from personalized guidance to adopt a plastic-free lifestyle, contributing to a healthier planet. As a project manager specializing in setting up recycling structures for ocean plastic, our commitment extends to creating impactful solutions from marine debris removal to establishing sustainable practices.

Reach out to us, and together we'll craft strategies that align with your goals, fostering a sustainable and eco-friendly future. We look forward to hearing from you. 

Seas & Straws is committed to championing sustainable and eco-friendly businesses with circular, zero-waste, or zero-plastic business models, and we provide guidance to those working towards these goals, offering counsel on implementing sustainable operations in their day-to-day activities.

Awards and Certificates

Award in Recognition of Providing Outstanding Leadership for Rotary Global Plastic-Free Environment ModelAward in Recognition of Providing Outstanding Leadership for the Rotary Global Plastic-Free Environment Model
The Inland Ocean Ambassadors ProgramThe Inland Ocean Ambassadors Program
"The Climate Forum" Attendance Certificate"The Climate Forum" Attendance Certificate