The Soulmade Hotel in Munich - a dream come true for eco-lovers

The best plastic-free hotels - The Soulmade

The Soulmade Hotel in Munich is a dream come true for the eco-conscious traveller who does not want to sacrifice comfort. Everything is just perfect here. It is different from any hotel I've visited in that it is completely made of wood and natural materials! Even more, the hotel ensures that only sustainably grown and certified wood is used.

Despite the focus on environmental protection and sustainability, however, comfort and functionality are not neglected. The Soulmade is a very modern hotel. There are terminals in the lobby where you check yourself in and the door to your room opens with a modern key card. In fact, the key card was the only piece of plastic that I saw in the whole hotel.

The Soulmade living room is modern, Comfortable and Inviting 

Let's start with the room. I had booked the business suite. Even as I opened the door and made the first step into my "temporary home", something unique and wonderful happened: I immediately felt comfortable and homey. While other hotel rooms are often cold and sterile, this one feels warm and welcoming. I immediately relaxed.

The Soulmade Business Suite. Photo: Seas & StrawsThe Soulmade Business Suite
The Entrance to your Soulmade Room. Photo: Seas & StrawsThe Entrance
Book shelf in the Entrance of the Soulmade Business Suite. Photo: Seas & StrawsBook shelf in the Entrance

Local, sustainably grown wood (spruce, oak & ash) is used for the walls, the floor and the furniture, while the bed sits on a natural sisal carpet. One wall is made of straw, with rugs from goat and sheep.

Even the window frames are made of wood.

Due to the light colors and the modern accents, however, the whole room looks very fresh, modern and stylish. You do not get that woodcutter's hut atmosphere.

A large paper lamp gives a beautiful warm and soft light.

My cozy room in the Soulmade hotel. Photo: Seas & StrawsMy cozy room
Paper Lamp Detail in the Soulmade Business Suite. Photo: Seas & StrawsPaper Lamp Detail

There is a small, fully equipped kitchenette. 

In the morning you can grind and brew your own coffee (what a wonderful smell!). If you do not drink coffee, there is a selection of organic teas of fair cultivation. They come in compostable teabags (no plastic).

Grind and brew your own coffee. Photo: Seas & StrawsGrind and brew your own coffee
Organic teas in compostable teabags. Photo: Seas & StrawsOrganic teas in compostable teabags

The rest of the living space is occupied by the large bed made of ash wood. The linen is woven from sustainably grown beech and eucalyptus wood. Next to it is a small desk and a very, very comfortable bench with lots of pillows. I spent hours working and reading there and did not want to get up from this cozy corner! Of course, everything is made from natural materials. No plastic to be found anywhere. 

The wooden bed with organic bedding - Soulmade hotel. Photo: Seas & StrawsThe wooden bed with organic bedding
The kitchenette with the desk and cozy corner - Soulmade Hotel. Photo: Seas & StrawsThe kitchenette with a desk and cozy corner

On the desk you find a box of wooden writing utensils. Free Wifi is a given.

And books! There are little book niches everywhere: in the entrance hall, on the side of the desk and even in the bathroom! I suppose that's one of the reasons why I felt so comfortable in this hotel.

Books on the side of the desk - Soulmade Hotel. Photo: Seas & Straws.Book niche on the side of the desk
Wooden stationary in every room of the Soulmade hotel. Photo: Seas & Straws.Wooden Stationary

One wall is completely made of windows and has electric shutters, which automatically go down when the sun comes around. Through the window you have a great view of the garden. I was delighted when I saw that there's a wooden tiny house in the garden (I'm a huge fan of tiny houses)!

View to the garden of the Soulmade hotel - with a tiny house! Photo: Seas & StrawsView to the garden - with a tiny house!

The 3D wall decoration is stunning. I think the patterns are made of reycled newspaper. What an original idea! I never thought old newspapers could be made into such an amazing and colourful design!

The wall decoration in the Soulmade Hotel. Photo: Seas & Straws.
The wall decoration in the Soulmade Hotel. Photo: Seas & Straws.
The wall decoration in the Soulmade Hotel. Photo: Seas & Straws.
The wall decoration in the Soulmade Hotel. Photo: Seas & Straws.
The wall decoration in the Soulmade Hotel. Photo: Seas & Straws.
The wall decoration in the Soulmade Hotel. Photo: Seas & Straws.

The Soulmade bathroom - Organic, recyclable and plastic-free

True to the modern style the Soulmade Hotel is committed to, the bathroom was very open. Through a clear glass wall you can look from the sink to the bed and further out into the garden. 

View from the sink in the Soulmade hotel. Photo. Seas & StrawsView from the sink

The toilet and the rain shower are separated by a frosted glass wall. Again, I could not discover any plastic. You'll search in vain for mini toiletries. Hand wash, shampoo, conditioner and shower gel are organic and microplastic-free. The packaging is recyclable and biodegradable. 

The towels are fairtrade eco-cotton.

Organic, plastic-free toiletries. Photo: Seas & StrawsOrganic, plastic-free toiletries
Fairtrade eco-cotton towels. Photo: Seas & StrawsFairtrade eco-cotton towels

And again, there are books!

Books and organic toiletries in the bathroom. Photo: Seas & StrawsBooks and organic toiletries in the bathroom
View from the bathroom. Photo: Seas & StrawsView from the bathroom

The Soulmade lobby is a great Place to work and relax

The lobby is modern and inviting. You guessed it, there is a huge bookshelf in the middle of the room that invites you to browse and unwind. On both sides of the shelf you find many tables as well as comfortable armchairs and cozy corners. The Soulmade hotel is also a co-working space, so you can easily spend the whole day there, working and relaxing.

Work on one of the many tables in the Soulmade lobby. Photo: Seas & StrawsWork on one of the many tables ...
Relax in the lobby of the Soulmade. Photo: Seas & Straws... or relax in the lobby

There is a large fireplace for cooler nights in the middle of the room, next to it a guitar. You can make yourself comfortable with a book in one of the many cozy corners or play the guitar at the fireplace. Or you relax on the terrace and look into the green.

Books, books, books in the Soulmade lobby. Photo: Seas & StrawsBooks, books, books
The cozy fireplace in the Soulmade lobby. Photo: Seas & StrawsThe cozy fireplace
The terrace of the Soulmade hotel invites to relax and sip a cocktail. Photo: Seas & StrawsThe terrace

The vegan (if you like), fresh and wholesome breakfast is also served in this room. The staff invites you to make your own almond milk or a creative smoothie made from fresh fruit and vegetables.

The Soulmade breakfast - fresh and organic. Photo: Seas & StrawsThe Soulmade breakfast - fresh and organic
Make your own almond milk. Photo: Seas & StrawsMake your own almond milk
The Soulmade breakfast - nuts and cereal. Photo: Seas & StrawsThe Soulmade breakfast - nuts and cereal
Make your own smoothie. Photo: Seas & StrawsMake your own smoothie


The Soulmade hotel near Munich is unique and does everything right. They not only strive to make their guests feel comfortable and at home, every detail is also well thought out to have as little impact on the environment as possible.

Sustainability plays a major role in their concept. The whole hotel was built, furnished and decorated with wood and natural, sustainable materials. For every tree that is cut down for the construction of a Soulmade hotel, 2 new ones are replanted. In addition, another tree is planted for each direct booking. So a new hotel completely grows in about 7 years. Talk about sustainable.

The breakfast is entirely made of seasonal and regional products.

The Soulmade is powered with renewable energy, their cars are electric. Guests can use Segways for free. All products and appliances are fair and ecological.

They have their own store where you can buy ecological, plastic-free and fair products, for example the wonderfully smelling shower gel, the lamp or even the bed.

In addition, it is super comfy and inviting. It was the first hotel where I immediately felt completely relaxed and at ease. If I could have, I would have stayed holed up in my room the entire time. :-)

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