Reduce, Reuse, Recycle with Liam, the Smart Rabbit

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Today I have the honor of introducing Azaliya Schulz's latest book Reduce, Reuse, Recycle with Liam, the Smart Rabbit, which I had the pleasure of reading and endorsing in advance. Liam's story is so wonderful that I highly recommend it to everyone.

Simple tips how your family can reduce single use plastic in a new rhythmical book by Azaliya Schulz.

Plastic pollution is one of the most pressing environmental issues of our time. A world dominated by single-use plastic goods makes it overwhelming for families to find simple solutions to reduce their waste. Reducing plastic consumption isn't easy and as a result, we tend to give up and turn a blind eye to the issue to avoid feeling guilt.

Austin based author, Azaliya Schulz, tackled this very important but overwhelming topic in her book Reduce, Reuse, Recycle with Liam, the Smart Rabbit. This book is a delightful story of an inquisitive rabbit who finds plastic wrappers in his garden. Parents and caregivers of children will find this a great resource to support their efforts of teaching their children about simple actions they can take to reduce their plastic waste.

The amount of plastic that is produced in the world every year has increased explosively, from 2 million tons in 1950 to over 390 million tons in 2021, according to Plastic Soup Association. By far the most plastic, 44%, is used for packaging and only 9% of all plastic in use worldwide is recycled. Reducing the single use plastic is where the most environmental gains can be made.

Having written children's books, Schulz is not afraid to address inconvenient topics. She convinced that properly educating children early in life about the consequences of their actions can lead to better outcomes in the future. She writes inspiring children’s books that help children to become independent and critical thinkers and create a supportive and loving communities.

Author Schulz, explains why her book is a game changer for parents “it educates children about plastic waste and offers simple steps each child can take to reduce plastic waste without feeling overwhelmed or guilty, such as taking a cloth bag to the store, saying no to a straw, substituting birthday balloons with flowers etc.”

In support of the book and its mission, I say:“Reduce, Reuse, Recycle with Liam the Smart Rabbit is a beautifully told story about plastic pollution and its impact on forest wildlife. In captivating, powerful, yet easy-to-understand rhymes, it shows how harmful modern human lifestyles are to the creatures of the forest, while teaching our little ones to love, respect, and care for all animals and their habitats. I absolutely loved the story, and the poetry is outstanding and full of personality! I have read it over and over again. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to nurture a love of nature and its inhabitants in their children”.

Reduce reuse recycle with Liam the Smart RabbitReduce reuse recycle with Liam the Smart Rabbit

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