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Beautiful graphic tees for women with a message

These beautiful graphic t-shirts for women are the perfect gift for anyone who wants to express their love for the ocean and make a statement against plastic pollution. The shirts are made of 100% cotton and are available in 7 beautiful colors.

On the front of the t-shirt is the Seas & Straws logo, the little sea turtle carrying the "ocean globe". For the back, you can choose one of the 5 beautiful animal motifs I designed especially for Seas & Straws. You won't find these designs anywhere else. All the animals I designed - the majestic whale, the gentle turtle, the adorable sea lion, the playful dolphin, and the affectionate seagull with its chicks - are surrounded by various plastic items that make their lives miserable as well in the real world.

The powerful slogan calls the problem of plastic pollution by its name and is intended to encourage viewers to rethink - and perhaps even change - their own behavior.

Whether it's for your sister, your best friend, a colleague, or yourself, anyone who cares about the ocean will love this shirt! This is really the perfect present for everyone and every occasion. 

Here's How It Works

  • Scroll down and choose your favorite animal.
  • Choose the color of your t-shirt. You have a choice of 7 different colors.
  • With a click on the buy button you add the product to your shopping cart.

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If you have any question, please don't hesitate to send me a message. I'd be happy to help. 

And if you don't like the t-shirt when you receive it, there's a 100%, no questions asked, return policy.

Round neck T-shirts - light color with black text

Round neck T-shirts - Dark color with White text

V-neck T-shirts

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