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Seas & Straws Spotlight, Issue #010 -- Go Plastic-Free In 3 Steps
July 29, 2022

In the issue: Whale & dolphin hunting, Eco-friendly student lifestyle, Plastic-free cleaning products for your home, Go plastic free in 3 steps


All too soon, plastic-free July is coming to an end. July has been a month of empowering you to achieve your plastic-free goals. From sharing my weekly planner to dissecting the whale/dolphin hunt, there’s a lot to recap!

How To Go Plastic Free this July: 3 Simple Tips

There’s no better way to start off plastic-free July than with a quick and easy guide to ditching those plastics. Figuring out your plastic habits and then making one swap at a time ensures you don’t become overwhelmed and slip back into your old plastic habits. PFJ may be ending soon, but the journey doesn’t have to!
Check out my top 3 tips for making that seamless transition to a plastic-free life here,

The Eco-Friendly Student Lifestyle

The plastic-free journey is harder for some than others, particularly students! But, there’s no “perfect” time to start living eco-friendly. All that’s needed is a bit of guidance and some modification to the general tips that exist already. Luckily, I stepped in to provide budget-friendly ways to fit the eco-friendly dream into a college campus lifestyle. From transport to studies, there’s something practicable for everyone.

Read more here.

The Inhumane Whale And Dolphin Hunt

This is definitely the least favorite part of my month. What do the Danish Faroe Islands, Iceland, and Japan have in common? All of these countries have a very controversial 1,000 to 400-year-old hunting tradition that they maintain every year - regardless of the consequences to biodiversity and the ecosystem. I am talking about the annual slaughter of whales and dolphins in some "modern" island nations.

For six months each year, the beautiful animals are herded into a small bay where they are brutally killed or captured - sometimes suffering for hours before their fate is sealed. Unfortunately, this is supported by the governments which allow up to 2,000 cetaceans to be killed each year! The only way to stop this is if we help raise awareness and boycott destinations that refuse to ban this. Find out how you can help.

I hope next year the conversation we have about this is more positive.

The best plastic-free cleaning products of 2022

Despite the horrific continuation of this hunt, being able to focus on areas where you have the power to create change is very important - and that includes your home! Plastics in cleaning products are another major component of the waste that fills our oceans. Reduce your footprint by learning which types of products to avoid, and I make this switch easier by sharing my favorite plastic-free cleaning products of 2022.

Here's my little post.

Plastic-Free Through the Year - The Weekly Planner

Going plastic-free is easy, but I’ve made it even easier with my weekly planner- the only guide you need to become plastic-free in 52 weeks! Grab yours here. today.

I hope the month of August brings you nothing but joy, see you next month!

“A plastic pollution-free world is not a choice but a commitment to life – a commitment to the next generation.”

- Amit Ray -

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