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Help save a wild animal with Fahlo
May 10, 2023

Hey there!

How can you tell that an endangered species is in trouble? When people start to worry about their future.

I worry about the creatures of the ocean and that's why today I'd like to introduce you to Fahlo's bracelets. Fahlo has found a way to combine a beautiful fashion accessory with wildlife conservation!

They offer bracelets for 7 endangered species, including sea turtles, elephants, polar bears and giraffes, and each bracelet supports a specific conservation organization that works to preserve that species.

How does it work, you ask?
When you purchase a bracelet, you receive a card with information about the animal you are helping to protect. You get to know your animal with its name, age and history. Almost like a pet. :-)

The card also has a QR code that allows you to see exactly where your new friend has been since its release into the wild (or since it has been tagged), and where it is right now.

Each bracelet thus helps educate about wildlife and encourages people to care about (and promote) conservation.

I think it's the perfect gift for a lover of nature and wildlife, and that's why I'm honored and proud to support this great cause as a brand ambassador.

As such, I can give you 20% off your purchase with my coupon code SEASANDSTRAWS20 on every bracelet you buy.
Just enter the code SEASANDSTRAWS20 when you make your purchase on their website. The discount will be deducted at checkout.

You can read more about Fahlo and their mission in my brand new blog post here.

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