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Seas & Straws Spotlight, Issue #002 -- How to have a plastic-free Halloween
October 30, 2020

In the issue: How to have a plastic-free Halloween, Traveling in times of Covid-19, Did you know that...


how are you today?

Halloween is almost here and if you haven't done it yet, it's time to think about decorations, costumes and candy. Be honest, have you ever planned a plastic-free Halloween? It's not easy. Candy comes in plastic wrappers and decoration is mostly made of plastic, especially if you buy last minute.

If you want to make your Halloween more eco-friendly, here are my top 3 tips for a plastic-free Halloween.

1. Decorations

Make your own Halloween decorations with plastic-free, natural ingredients such as wood, paper, and pine cones.
First, carve a scarecrow out of wood, add a jack-o-lantern head and dress it in some old, shabby clothes.
Next, cut a few bats from black paper and hang them upside down on a tree.
You can also make ghosts, spiders and other creatures from burlap, straw or hemp. Decorate everything with colorful leaves, nuts, small pumpkins or fairy lights. If you paint a few mason jars black and orange and put a candle inside, you will cast your porch or driveway in an eery light.

Making your own decorations is not only a lot of fun, it's also good for the environment - and your wallet.

Need more ideas? Have a look at this inspirational Pinterst Board

2. Pumpkins

Actually carve a pumpkin again. They are the ultimate in zero-waste Halloween decorations: You can cook the insides, roast the seeds, and get creative with the shell. When Halloween is over, you can just throw them on the compost.

Here are some design ideas. Let your imagination run wild - from cute to creepy, everything is possible.

By the way, children love to be involved in the crafting process and usually have wonderful ideas. Just ask them.

3. Candy

Instead of buying sweets wrapped in plastic, bake your own horror cookies this year. Cut out bat, ghost or witch shapes and decorate them with Halloween motifs made of powdered sugar or frosting. Wrap them in paper napkins.

You'll find lots of inspiration on Pinterest. I especially like this board.

Not the baking type? Look for candy that comes in paper boxes or is wrapped in recyclable foil. Smarties and Dots are examples of companies using eco-friendly wrapping.

Have fun!

Traveling in times of Covid-19

Do you miss travelling? Where did you spend your vacations this year? I bet you didn't go far.
The tourism industry is down and small, family-run hotels and B&Bs are struggling especially hard this year.

I am actually someone who likes to leave the borders of my country, but this year I took advantage of the exceptional situation and explored my own country a little. I found beautiful rivers, wandered through unknown forests and explored foreign cities.

And I discovered a wonderful jewel that allows you to relax, leave the stress of everyday life behind, and forget for a few days the problems we are all facing this year. A 10 square meter tea house! Situated in the middle of nature, completely made of wood, plastic-free, and powered by renewable energy. The breakfast is organic and zero waste and all cleaning products are biodegradable.
That's how eco-hotel goes! This lovely tiny house is perfect for all nature lovers, hikers, cyclists, and canoeists.

If you too would like to escape from the stress of everyday life, take a look at my blog post with lots of pictures.

In this tiny house you can recharge your batteries

Did you know that ...

... 1 million plastic bottles are bought and dumped every minute? That's more than 480 billion plastic drinking bottles used every year. Less than half of them are sent to recycling facilities, from which only 7% actually were recycled. The rest (over 200 billion bottles) ended up in landfills and in the oceans. Time to pass on the plastic bottle and use a reusable one instead.

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